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How can I earn money when i am not online ?


Did you know that you could make money even when you are not online? From fan club subscriptions to video sales, in this article we show you many ways to increase your webcam girl incomes in easy ways to get passive earnings.

1) Refer new models

By referring new models, you can earn a percentage of their earnings for life ! Just send them your referral link from your affiliates page.  

​This is how sponsoship works : 

  • You refer a new model with your referral link

  • She signs up using your link and start working on a cam site

  • You earn between 5 and 20% of her income (the average is 10%)

  • If she earns 1,000$, you get 100$

  • if you refer 10 models that earn 1,000$, you get 1,000$

Referral programs  can allow you to double or even triple your salary easily.

2) Refer new agents

Referring agents is another way to earn more money offline. Agents are paid on each sponsored model they refer.
You earn a percentage of their total income.

How to refer new agents :

  • You refer an agent with your referral link

  • He signs up and starts recruiting new models

  • You earn a percentage of his income (usually 10%)

  • If your agent refer a model who earns 1,000$,  you earn 10$ (10% of the agent earnings)

This system pays less than the cam girl referral but can work if the agents are very active.

3) Refer new customers

By referring new customers for the cam site that yçou work for, you will earn lifetime commissions on all their money spent.

How it works :

  • You refer a new customer with your affiliate link

  • The customer signs up on the site and buys credits or tokens

  • You earn up to 45% of his money spent (the average is 20%)

  • By referring a customer who spends 100$ on the site, you get 20$

  • By referring 100 customers who spends 100$ on the site, you get 2,000$


If you bring customers directly to your room page, you will accumulate referrals and tips received. That is how cam models multiply their daily incomes and the best way to get a passive income from cam sites.

4) Sell your pictures and videos

The majority of cam sites propose a feature to sell your photos and videos directly on your page.
Customers pay directly on the site with credits or tokens and they can buy them even if you are offline.

You can also sell you videos on these sites :  Iwantclips, Manyvids, Onlyfans.

5) Sell your underwear


You can sell your underwear and lingerie directly on your bio page just like photos and videos.  Set up the price and shipping fees for your items and customers will be able to buy them on your page. You can also find many sites online to resell you worn panties or lingerie.

6) Fan-clubs

A great way to make offline money and retain your customeres is to create a fanclub. You set up the amount of the fan club and what it includes (free photos, discounts on your private shows etc ...) It's a great way to have another monthly income.

7) Socia media subscriptions

You can sell paid subscriptions to your social networks (Snapchat, Instagram) You set the price and the duration of the subscription (monthly or lifetime). It is a  great way to increase your earnings, but that means providing regular new content and being available for your customers if they want to chat with you.

8) Wishlists

If you want to receive gifts from your customers,  you can copy the link of one of your wishlists in your bio or send it by email. They will pay for your items directly online and you will receive it at your address. We encourage you to be careful about wishlists though. In particular with Amazon wishlist. Many  models reported that it was not fully safe and that it was possible to obtain your contact details. The best thing you can do is to get a PO Box or ask for gift cards. 

9) Offline tips


The majority of cam sites allow this cool function. Your customers can tip you even when you're offline.

10) Create an Onlyfans account

To increase your income, we recommend that you create an Onlyfans account. You set up the amount of your monthly subscription and you will also make money with offline tips and PPS messages.  If you are new to Onlyfans, you can read our Onlyfans guide here. We know many models that earn up to 50,000$ a month with their Onlyfans account only.

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