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What are the conditions to become a cam model ?

To become a webcam girl, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID to confirm your age. You must be equipped with a computer (or a smarphone for some sites), a webcam and a high speed internet connection.

You can see our equipement guide on this page.

What exactly do webcam girls do ?

The work as a webcam girl consists of chatting online by video chat and performing erotic shows. You are paid by electronic money (tokens) for every minute of private show you perform or with the tips received from the customers. You can also sell pictures and videos to your fans.


I have no experience, can I become a webcam girl ?

Of course ! Beginners are welcome. No previous experience is required for the job.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved ?

Registrations on webcam sites are usually approved between 12 and 72 hours.

Why do I have to send my ID ?

For legal reasons and in order to verify the age of the models, all webcam sites ask for identification during registration. Your personal data will never be disclosed and only intended for the administration of the site.

I am not a top model, can I still become a successful cam model ?

Of course ! Anyone can register, no matter your body type, gender or age, our customers appreciate all types of models. Anyone who knows how to attract, seduce and flirt is welcome and can be really successful.

Can I hide my face online ?

Yes, you can work online and hide your face or wear a little mask or a wig if you feel more confortable this way.

Can I block access from certain countries or cities ?

Absolutely ! Most sites offer the country block feature. But keep in mind that you could lose many visitors by activating this block.


Do I have to be naked online ?

No ! There is no rule saying you must be naked online. However, the majority of customers who visit webcam sites enjoy minimal nudity and erotic show.

How do I get paid ?

The most used payment method is Paxum, an online bank with a dedicated credit card. Some sites also offer payment by bank transfer, checks, or lately bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. You can find more information by reading our payment methods guide.

When will I get paid ?


Payments are generally sent twice a month, or even once a week. Some sites also offer "express" or daily transfers with some fees.

How much does a cam girl make ?

It all depends on your experience, how many hours you spend online and your motivation. As a beginner you can earn around € 50 per day. A confirmed hostess can reach beween 300$ and 1 000$ per day, even more. These numbers are given for information only. There is no limit, some models earn more than € 50,000 per month !

Do I have to declare my income?

As an American citizen, you will need to declare your income by using the 1099 form. For non US cam girls, you will have to declare your income by yourself, following the rules applied in your country. You can consult our full article to help you here.

Can I work online with my wife or best friend ?

Absolutely ! Couples are very successful online. However, when registering, you must create a "couple" account or mention that a second person appears on your webcam. You can also work as a team with your best friend and do group shows online.


I am a transexual, can I apply to be a model ?

Yes of course ! Almost all sites allow transgenders.Men are also welcome to create their profile and work as model.


Can I earn passive money when I am not online ?

Absolutely, there are plenty of ways to increase your offline income.  You can read our article about this subject here.

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