How to get paid


What is the best way to get paid for cam girls ?

Now that  you are working as a cam girl and making money, you need to choose the best payment method to receive your salary.

Each site has its own payment methods available and minimum withdrawal amount (usually twice a month and the minimum amount is around 50$). Some payment methods may not be suitable for models outside of the USA.


We have listed here the most common payment methods used on webcam sites that will help you choose the best option for you.

The best payment methods
bitcoins hotesse webcam

Bitcoin is popular on webcam sites and a discreet way to receive your money. But you shouold be aware of the risks associated with these new virtual currencies, which varies a lot and have an uncertain future.

Notice : too risky due to the changing course of the cryptocurrencies.

virement bancaire hotesse webcam

Wire transfers are a quick way to get your paycheck, but most US sites don't allow European models to receive them. The advantage is that you don't pay any fees and get your money pretty quickly.

Notice : only allowed for models living in the US.

Payment methods you  need to avoid


Although it can be great for US models,  you should avoid them for many reasons if you live in another country. The shipping to your country may take several days or weeks, the cam sites fees are huge and significant charges may be added by your bank as well as exchange fees. Interesting only for models residing in the United States.


The most famous payment service in the world is also the worst option to receive your salary. Paypal does not wish to collaborate with adult sites anymore, Your incomes from adult sites may lead to a temporary ban, your account could be suspended and your funds frozen without notice. To be avoided because it is too risky.


Beware of sites offering to pay you by Western Union. This payment method is almost no longer used to pay models because of the large number of frauds linked to this system. Choose one alternative method to receive your salary.

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